For Oge.

Vibes. Energies. Resonating. It’s incredible. 

This feeling. These wavelengths. The energies that the world exposes you to. 

I don’t have the words to describe it. But I’m nodding my head to an invisible beat. Tapping my fingers on this keyboard. The electricity desperate to leave them and get on this page. My feet joining in this senseless dance. Just eager to be a part. Just eager to, vibe. 

Vibes. Magic. There’s no explanation. How that simple word, vibe, would break down a block. Vibe. I know you felt it too. Still feel it. The hairs standing electrified on your skin. All the blocks buried beneath all of the energy. Feeling every single wavelength pulsating through every single fibre of your being. Vibe. 

Let me vibe. Please. With all the energies. Positive and negative. And vibe with me. Let me, let all of us experience. Vibes. 

How dare I not vibe? 

How dare I not feel? 

How dare I, how dare I, how dare I, refuse to live?